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does your brain ever just produce disturbingly violent thoughts out of nowhere
like terrible, horrible, thoughts
for no reason at all
and then you snap out of it and you’re like 
i don’t want to kill my mom
what the fuck

they’re called intrusive thoughts and apparently are very common

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hannibal au where everything is exactly the same but chilton’s cane is replaced with a giant candy cane

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Does anyone else reply to a text mentally but not physically then forgets to actually reply all together or is that just me

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"he inhaled his scent. he smelled of (ingredient 1), (ingredient 2) and something undefinable, that was uniquely (name of buttsex partner)"

every single fanfiction uploaded in the last two years oh my god  (via brood-of-froods)

Fuck it is true, I’ve done it myself.

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This is funny, it really is, because there’s such a grain of truth to it, and I think we all need to laugh at ourselves. But come on. Writers (and artists) are magicians of the highest order. From nothing, they make something, they make whole worlds appear. Writers deserve our respect and adoration, and FAN FIC writers - well honestly. They do it for free, from the goodness in their hearts, from the passion in their soul. All the love to the sorcerers of word and image.

And how DO you describe how your beloved smells? Unless you are a professional perfume maker, what language do you have at your command to describe them? I think once you get past clean or sweaty, musky, and delicious — what’s left? They smell like the toothpaste or detergent they use that smells unique on them. They smell like home. They smell like your dreams come true. Smell is such a primal, basic way we connect to the world, and yet unlike the Eskimo’s vocabulary to describe the many qualities of snow, we don’t have THAT many words to describe scent.

As a writer, I find that frustrating. Sometimes you can be wildly creative in describing something in your fic, and sometimes you gotta grab a cliche that fucking works and fucking move on, or the damn story is not going to get written.

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I skipped this the first two times I saw it on my dash, because ugh, more posts mocking fanfic writing? No thanks. But this commentary is spot-on. Yes, this. So much this.

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I’m just a needy piece of shit that needs constant reassurance that I’m wanted

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